Introduction by the founder

Everything happened at the right time, as I felt it and as it was meant to be.

In 1988, I was suffocating in the Capital, I was trying to find some time for printmaking and I went to cloister and work to Plataniskia, a village full of ruins, in the middle of nowhere.

In 1995, I created the Printmaking School in memory of my teacher Α. Tassos and for quenching those who were thirsty to learn printmaking, just like me who in 1971 went to my teacher in Athens.

In 2008, together with my friends and partners of the non-profit organisation Hambis Printmaking School-Museum, we created Hambis Printmaking Museum to teach Cyprus the truth about printmaking in the world.

During these ten years of operation of the Museum, many high-calibre printmakers came to beautify our company from both East and West. Albrecht Dürer, 

Marcantonio Raimondi, Abraham Ortelius, Jacques Callot, Stefano Della Bella, 

William Hogarth, Francisco de Goya, Gustave Doré, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Adolfo Mexiac, Vladimir Favorsky, Marc Chagall, Dimitris Galanis, Α. Tassos, 

Vaso Katraki, Telemachos Kanthos and many other internationally respected artists gave printmaking lessons to thousands of visitors.

This is why we created this Museum; so people can learn about printmaking. From what our visitors learn and from their praising words it is continuously evidenced that we were right. What pleases me most and my greatest remuneration is to see teachers and pupils from Cypriot schools getting to love printmaking. 

Entering the second decade of operation of the Museum is a new start for us. 

With all the forces we have, with passion and with the support of our friends we shall continue enriching the Museum and beautifying our world with new knowledge.