Hambis was born in Kontea in 1947. He took his first printmaking lessons from A.Tassos in Athens in 1971. He studied Graphic Arts at Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (1976-1982).

He has set as the main objective of his art, which he always follows faithfully, the expression of his country, its history, torments, joys, beauty, and folklore.

He illustrated and published the following books: Spanos and the Forty Dragons, 1986; The Prince of Venice, 1994, Hambis – 25 Years of Printmaking, 1995; The Fey Enchantress, 1999; The Kalikangiari and the Game, 2005; Kalikangiari – Cypriot Tales, 2006; Kalikangiari – Tales in the Cypriot dialect, 2007; The triplets and the dragon of the apple tree, 2015. 

He illustrated several books by Cypriot writers.

He exhibited his work in solo exhibitions, in Cyprus, Moscow, Titograd, Athens, Ljubljana, London, Nancy, Edinbourgh, Mexico City, New York.

He took part in many group exhibitions, Biennale and Triennale: Alexandria, Brisbane, Ljubljana, Marseille, Sloveni Grates, Cairo, Berlin, Bratislava, Chamalières.

Awards: Honourable Award at the Bratislava Biennale of Illustrations (BIB), Certificate of Honour for Illustration from the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). White Raven 2016,  #WRlist2016  from the International Youth Library in Munich for his book Οι τρίπλαροι τζ̆αι ο δράκος της μηλιάς (The triplets and the dragon of the apple tree), 2015. The White Ravens catalogue contains 200 titles in 42 languages from 60 countries.

Four State Awards for Illustration and one State Award for Essay in Cyprus. Award Tefkros Anthias- Thodosis Pierides for cultural contribution by the Central Committee of A.K.E.L. 

He has works at Pushkin Museum in Moscow, in Art Museums and Foundations, public and private collections in several countries.

He taught graphic arts in the State Education of Cyprus from 1987 until 2008.

In 1995 he founded the Hambis Printmaking School. Every year, since 1995, he offers free lessons of printmaking in memory of his great tutor, A. Tassos.

In 2008 he founded the Hambis Printmaking Museum, whose collection includes prints from the 16th century until today, from all over the world.