In this laboratory space,  in addition to special equipment for the professional printmaking classes (printing presses, tools, library etc.) there is a periodic exhibition of the students’ work from various time periods. 



The free printmaking lessons offered to the public by the School every August since 1995 in memory of A. Tassos are undoubtedly an important contribution to our country’s cultural life. 

Τhe school was founded in 1995 by Hambis and it has since introduced thousands of students in the art of printmaking, earning the respect and appreciation of the Cyprtiot public. Many of its students have continued their studies abroad. Many school teachers who participated in the lessons were able to then teach the art of printmaking in public and private education. Every August the School attracts a very large number of students from a broad social spectrum and from all over Cyprus. The School has visited numerous villages and cities around Cyprus during its years of touring. It has also been hosted at cultural centres, festivals and Universities in Cyprus and abroad. Videos showing the School’s printmaking classes from the last few years are available on our website. 

Since the foundation of the Hambis Printmaking Museum in 2008 the Cypriot public as well as foreign visitors are able to get to know the art of printmaking and study its history and techniques from the 16th century until today, through the work of master printmakers from all over the world. In 2014 work began for a new, contemporary museum that will open in Nicosia very soon: the Hambis Municipal Museum of Printmaking.