In May 2014 the Municipality of Nicosia and the NGO Hambis Printmaking School and Museum founded a new museum: The Hambis Municipal Museum of Printmaking. This new museum, situated in the very heart of the Cypriot capital, is an extension of Hambis Printmaking Museum, the first of its kind in Cyprus, founded in 2008 by the Cypriot printmaker Hambis. Hambis Municipal Museum of Printmaking will become a contemporary fertile hub of education, research, communication and exchange of ideas. Accomplished experts from Cyprus and abroad have undertaken the building’s restoration, the museological study as well as the curation of the extensive collection belonging to the Hambis Printmaking Museum, and are working towards the completion of the project. 

An Advisory Committee, consisting of members of the Board of Directors of the NGO Hambis Printmaking School and Museum, including the founder Hambis, members of the Nicosia City Council and the Mayor Mr Constantinos Yiorgkadjis, has undertaken the Museum programing coordination.



The Museum’s location is ideal for attracting large numbers of visitors from a wide range of audience groups. It is a listed building of great architectural interest, on Famagusta Street, number 55-59, in the cultural nucleus of the old town of Nicosia, the area within the Venetian walls. It is located only a few paces from Famagusta Gate cultural center and is surrounded by museums, theatres, and municipal 

cultural spaces. 

This ideal location will attract diverse audience groups, including school and university groups, tourists, families and scholars focusing on history of printmaking and Cypriot cultural tradition.