The Hambis Printmaking Museum owns an extensive collection of over 3,000 original prints in every printmaking technique. The collection includes old books and maps, tools and plates of all printmaking techniques, photographs and other documents. In the Museum visitors become acquainted with the history of printmaking, its techniques and materials. Prints in every method and technique, by artists from all over the world, and dating from the 16th century until today are exhibited in the museum. Cypriot printmaking is showcased with prints dated from the early days of it’s history until today. Researchers and art historians, as well as any member of the public who wishes to explore the history of printmaking, have access to the Museum’s rich archive.  



The fourth space, the last stop in the visit, is the space of periodic exhibitions. In the upstairs and downstairs rooms a visitor can view curated selections of works from other institutions, tributes to artists or themed exhibitions from the Museum’s collection.